Bloomer bread for foodservice

Roberts Bakery Bloomer breadsDeveloped specifically for the foodservice sector, Roberts Bakery bloomer breads are baked to the same high standard as our square loaves, just in a ‘D’ shaped tin.  Bloomer bread gives a distinctive character to more premium sandwiches.  

Our bloomer loaves are available in a range of flavours and slice thicknesses.  All of our catering breads benefit from reduced fat and salt recipes, helping meet nutrition targets for prepared food.

Listed below are our most popular flavours, but if you have a special recipe or flavour you would like to see then please get in touch. 

  • White – soft and traditional
  • Wholemeal – high fibre made with 100% wholemeal flour
  • Malted Wheatgrain – with malted grains and malt flour for a dark brown colour and nutty flavour
  • Softgrain – white bread with cracked wheat and rye
  • Oatmeal – with the added goodness and flavour of oats
  • Poppyseed – our traditional white bread with added poppy seeds
  • Tomato and Olive– a white bread with sundried tomatoes, olives and herbs for a Mediterranean flavour
Description Weight Slice thickness Number of slices Shelf life from day of production Min shelf life ambient delivery
Thick sliced 800g 13mm 19 + 2 crusts 7 days ambient
12 months frozen
5 days
Extra thick sliced 800g 17mm 14 + 2 crusts 7 days ambient
12 months frozen
5 days