We’re shaking things up


We’ve always been very experimental when it comes to baking – but most of it’s been happening behind the scenes. All the ups, the frowns, the mistakes and, eventually, the perfect bakes. For some reason, we didn’t really talk about any of them.

So, in celebration of our 130th birthday, we’ve decided to raise the curtain!

With the next generation leading the charge, we’ve been busy refreshing our look and logo, experimenting with exciting new flavour combos and jazzing up our range – to bring bakery into the 21st century and make things much more interesting for our customers. After a good bit of adventurous baking, we’ve got Gin + Tonic Teacakes, Moroccan Spice Rolls, Marmalade Teacakes and so much more coming your way.

But fear not! All your favourite Roberts classics are staying the same. The sliced loaves, the rolls – the recipes aren’t changing. We’re just giving their packs a bit of a makeover.

The first new Roberts packs are hitting shop shelves as we speak, so keep your eyes peeled. And if you spot them, please do pop a pic on social media using #embracethenew – we might even throw you a bundle of goodies as a thank you.

But until then… pop something unexpected onto that slice of bread. Jazz up your toastie filling. Stuff your roll with something outrageously edgy. And join us in wholeheartedly embracing the new!

What should we bake next?

Got an idea for something new and delicious? Then let us know... however wacky it might be!
And if we like the sound of it, we’ll try baking it in our Exploratory.

Tell us your dream bake!