Just last week, London gave us the warmest of welcomes as the launch location for our bread amnesty – and what a bloomin’ brilliant response we had there!

Up and out early, we hit the city’s food shopping areas to urge bread buyers to trade their plastic-wrapped loaf for two of our lovely Bloomers packaged in materials that are 100% recyclable at home. A very simple swap, but one that can, and will, make a big difference over time.

Ours is the first and only bread packaging that can be recycled at home, so we thought it only right to cause a bit of stir – having some Friday fun whilst highlighting the serious issue of plastic in our bakery aisles.

We travelled from Camden Town to Barnet – stopping off at lots of places along the way with our Bloomin’ Rubbish and Bloomin’ Great wheelie bread bins. Of course, we made sure that the Bloomin’ Great bin was always full of our Bloomers – we didn’t want to disappoint. And those plastic-wrapped loaves that ended up as Bloomin’ Rubbish were dropped off at Finchley Foodbank at the end of the day.

“We keep saying it, but single use plastic in bread aisles is a big problem,” said our MD Stuart Spencer-Calnan. “The industry produces the equivalent weight of the Eiffel Tower each year in plastic – most of which ends up in landfill. Things simply must change so we thought we’d prompt it with our first bread amnesty.

“We’re delighted with the response we had – especially as fellow bakery brand Kingsmill joined in the fun on Friday when we snapped them driving past. We hope that more bakeries now follow our lead and make similar changes.

“We’ve taken a first small but really significant step towards removing plastic from bread aisles and we’ll be making more packaging enhancements very soon.”

Our Bloomers can be bought in Asda and Morrisons stores across London and the whole of the UK. Find your local stockist here.

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