Never one to shy away from a party – nor to play down all the hard work and that goes on in The Exploratory at our HQ – we seized the opportunity of last week’s Bakery Industry Awards to launch our 100% recyclable Bloomer packaging and celebrate being the first UK bread brand to do so.

Determined to turn a few heads and spread news of our sustainable packaging coup, the Roberts team donned dresses and wore waistcoats made from our actual recyclable packaging to the glam event, which was held at London Hilton on Park Lane.

We also hosted a most super post-awards soirée in our Blooming Recyclable bar, where we served ‘Alabloomer Slammer’ cocktails and our deliciously topped Bloomers from our snazzy Snack Wagon.

The feedback we had to our packaging – not to mention our paper fashion and midnight feast – was phenomenal, generating widespread news coverage from our trade media friends as well as some great conversations across social media.

Our MD Stuart Spencer-Calnan hit the nail on the head when he said: “Our move into packaging our Bloomers in 100% recyclable materials a small yet very significant step. We’re committed to making it all entirely recyclable or compostable as soon as we possibly can.

“Almost a third of plastic packaging used by UK supermarkets is either non-recyclable through standard collection schemes or is difficult to recycle. It’s just not good enough. We’ve acted quickly – there’s no way we would have waited until 2025 to make the switch – and now we urge other bakery brands to catch us up.”

Our Bloomers – packaged in materials which are 100% recyclable in household kerbside collection bins – will go on sale nationally in Asda and Morrisons stores from mid-October. You’ll also find them in other major supermarkets – including Tesco and Waitrose – and local convenience stores across the UK.

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