Today we’re kicking off our bread amnesty in London, so we’ll be out and about urging bread buyers to swap a loaf wrapped in plastic for two of our lovely Bloomers that come in packaging that’s 100% recyclable at home. We’d love you to take part.

Yes, that’s right. As the first UK bakery brand to give shoppers a sustainable alternative to the usual harmful plastic packs, we believe actions speak far louder than words. So here we are. None of this ‘waiting around until 2025’ for us. No way.

Plastic in UK bakery aisles is a massive problem, so we’re doing something about it right now, today, here in London.

Every year the UK bread industry produces 10,736 tonnes of plastic packaging that’s really difficult to dispose of responsibly. It’s the same weight as the Eiffel Tower, 60 blue whales or 1,952 killer whales*. And it pretty much all ends up in landfill. Who can really be bothered to traipse to specialist recycling centres to get rid? These statistics are, however, startling.

Our brilliant Bloomer range, on the other hand, comes in 100% recyclable materials that you simply pop into household recycling bins for super-easy and convenient home collection. Good, hey?

This is what our MD Stuart Spencer-Calnan has to say: “Today we’ll be busy asking shoppers to ditch their difficult-to-recycle bread packaging for two of our altogether eco-friendlier Bloomers. It’s a simple swap but one that can and will make a big difference over time.

“It’s a small but really significant step towards removing plastic packaging from bread aisles and we have lots more developments up our sleeves.”

Our Bloomers are on sale in Asda and Morrisons stores across London and the whole of the UK. Find out where to buy yours here.

For further information visit http://robertsbakery.co.uk, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @RobertsBakeryUK.

*Estimated using Kantar WorldPanel packaged bread volume packs 52 weeks to 17th June 2018 assuming 7g non-recyclable packaging per pack


For further media information, images or for product samples so that you can see, taste and feel the UK’s first 100% recyclable at home bread packaging for yourself, please contact Sue Souter or Karen Winstanley on (t) 01625 839319 or email sue@souterpr.co.uk / karen@souterpr.co.uk.


Notes to editors

From its bakeries in Cheshire and Derbyshire, Roberts serves all major supermarkets and local convenience stores across the UK, employs 900 people and is still run by the fourth generation of the Roberts family. Last year it celebrated 130 years of baking history and knowhow.

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