Got questions that need answering? We’re here to help! Have a browse through our most frequently asked questions – and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, send us a message.

  • Where’s your bakery based?

    We bake everything in our own bakery, up in lovely Northwich. We’ve been based here for over 130 years – and this town is very much part of our DNA. Our bakery has big glass walls, so people passing can see all the loaves whizzing by on conveyor belts, fresh from the oven. Are you in the area? Then come and say hello!

  • Are any of your bakes gluten free?

    Sorry, not yet! But that doesn’t mean our bakers aren’t working on it. Watch this space…

  • Is your baking vegetarian friendly?

    Yes, everything we bake is suitable for vegetarians!

  • How do I apply to work for Roberts?

    We’re always looking for wonderful people to join our growing team. Have a look through our job vacancies, and send us your details using this form. We’d love to hear from you!

  • Have you changed the recipe?

    No, don’t worry! Our packs have had a bit of a makeover, but we haven’t changed any of our current recipes. We have, however, added to our range. Our Bloomers and Fun Buns are all new and seriously delicious. Do give them a try!

  • Can I freeze your breads?

    Absolutely. Our breads, rolls and teacakes all freeze really well – pop them in the freezer on the day you buy them, to capture their freshness.

  • What’s your best toastie-making bread?

    Our Mega-Thick White Loaf – without a doubt. The extra thick slices will leave your toastie softer and lighter – making for a ridiculously cloud-like grilled sarnie. Our favourite filling is cheddar, crispy bacon and mustard… in case you’re after some inspiration!

  • Is bread best stored in the fridge?

    Not at all. Lots of people think that storing a loaf in the fridge will stop it from going off – but to keep your bread as soft and fresh as possible, pop it in a cool, dry place… not a cold, damp one!

  • What’s with the bird?

    The early bird is our mascot – he’s always the first to try new things and, like most birds, he’s all about bread and seeds.

  • Do you support community projects?

    We do! Our local community is hugely important to us, and we’re always keen to get stuck in and help out where we can. To apply for support, please pop your details into our charity form, and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • What’s The Exploratory?

    The Exploratory is our concept kitchen, where all the inventive baking happens. Beetroot in bloomers? Gin and tonic in teacakes? But of course! Anything’s possible.

  • How do I join your sampling society?

    We’ve got an amazing club of bread-lovers who’ve signed up to test out our exploratory bakes, as and when. So when we have new bakes that need judging, we send them samples – and they let us know their verdict. Sound like your kind of thing? Pop your name on the list here.