Extreme Toasted BLT

Extreme Toasted BLT

15 Minutes

serves 1

Thick Soft White


Thick Soft White

We find this recipe goes best with our Thick Soft White, but feel free to experiment!
And let us know your results!

You'll need

2 rashers of Bacon
1 medium-sized Tomato, sliced
A handful of Iceberg Lettuce leaves
1 tbsp Pesto
3 slices of the Bread of your choice

How to make it

Pop the bacon under the grill at about 180C, for 15 minutes – until it’s nice and crisp.

Toast 3 slices of bread, and spread a bit of basil pesto onto each slice.

Then place the crispy bacon and a few slices of tomato on top of your first slice.

Pop the next piece of toast on top, and top with the iceberg lettuce leaves.

Finally, crown with the final piece of toast, and slice at a diagonal, into triangles.=

Mix it up

After something a bit meatier? Why not add some sliced chicken and English mustard, for extra va-va-voom?

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