Fruity-tooty cinnamon + mascarpone igloo

Fruity-tooty cinnamon + mascarpone igloo

45 Minutes

serves 6

Thick Soft White


Thick Soft White

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You'll need

For the igloo
6-7 slices of Roberts thick white bread
500g frozen winter berry mix
80g sugar (to taste)
½ tsp cinnamon
½ tsp powdered ginger
¼ tsp nutmeg
25ml your favourite Christmas liqueur (optional)

For the frosting
250g mascarpone cheese
50g single cream
Icing sugar (to taste)
Water (optional)

Time to make
For the pudding, 25mins.
For the decoration, 20mins.

How to make it

Choose a pudding basin (or bowl) that measures 5.5 inches across the top and 4 inches high, then line it with cling film.

Get your bread. Chop away the crusts then place a circular slice of goodness at the bottom of your bowl. Carefully line the rest of the container by overlapping your slices, and making sure there are no gaps – don’t worry if you have some bread left.

In a small pan, defrost the fruit and let some juices ooze out – but don’t boil it to a mush. You want to keep everything as plump as possible, so don’t worry if some of your berries are still a bit frozen in the middle.

Scatter the spices into the pan, add a glug of your alcohol of choice, and stir.

Pour the spiced fruit mixture through a sieve, catching the yummy juices in a bowl below.

Dismantle your bread-lined bowl, slice by slice, and soak each one in the juice bowl. Then rebuild your bread bowl.

Tip all the fruit into your bowl, level it off, then top it off with a lid made from another chunk of bread cut to size.

Slosh any leftover juices over the top slice – don’t worry if the liquid doesn’t fully cover the bread.

Tightly fold the cling film over the top of the pudding and put it in the fridge – ideally overnight.

Remove your bowl from the fridge and unpeel the cling film. Grab a large plate – one with enough space to add your igloo entrance. Place it face-down over the exposed side of the pudding. Hold it together with both hands, and flip the whole shebang over.

Gently remove the bowl, leaving the igloo on the plate, then peel away the cling film layer.

Whip up the snowy coating by combining mascarpone with single cream in a large bowl, with as much (or as little) icing sugar as your sweet tooth desires. If your frosting feels too thick to spread, add a few drops of water to the mix.

Scoop dollops of your mascarpone frosting onto the outer edges of your pudding, then smear it evenly over the igloo with a small pallet knife. Handy hint: try dipping your knife in a mug of hot water, that’ll help your frosting to spread smoothly.

Create the igloo entrance by taking one last slice of crustless bread, covering one side with frosting and rolling. Then, trim it to size, stick it to the igloo and cover with frosting.

Mix it up

If you’re feeling particularly crafty, score lines into the frosting with your knife to create the igloo’s bricks and decorate with Christmas figurines. Then dust with icing sugar before serving. Brrrilliant.

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