Scrummy skinny stew with protein-powered dumplings

Scrummy skinny stew with protein-powered dumplings

30 Minutes

serves 6


You'll need

For the stew:
1 tbsp of olive oil
1 onion, peeled and sliced
2 carrots, peeled and diced
2 parsnips, peeled and diced
2 celery stalks, chopped
250g (8oz) swede, peeled and diced
600ml (1 pint) of hot vegetable stock
400g of tinned tomatoes
420g of tinned butter beans, drained
A handful of chopped parsley
Plus any other left over veg

For the dumplings:
5 cups of Roberts white bread crumbs
1 ¼ cups of water
2 red onions
3 garlic cloves
1 tsp of cumin seeds
2 tbsp of chopped parsley
½ tsp of salt
1 tsp of pepper
6 tsp of hemp protein

How to make it

For the stew

Go fast and furious:

Heat the oil in a large pan, add the onion and fry slowly for 5 mins.

Add the other vegetables, cover and fry over a medium heat for 5 minutes, so they start to soften.

Pour in the stock and canned tomatoes, bring to the boil, cover and simmer for 10 minutes.

Stir in the beans and cook for another 5 minutes, or until the vegetables are tender. Slowly cook through for 30mins to let the flavours flow.

Or go slow and steady:

Add all ingredients (minus the parsley) to a slow cooker and crank up the heat for 4 hours.

For the protein dumplings

Preheat your oven to a toasty 180°C.

In a large mixing bowl, pour the water onto your breadcrumbs, and give it 5 minutes to soak in.

Meanwhile, roughly chop the onions and garlic – by hand or robo-hand (aka food processor).

Add to an oiled pan along with the cumin seeds and fry ‘til soft.

Add this yummy mix to your moist breadcrumbs, along with the salt, chopped parsley, pepper and hemp protein.

Now grab some balls (i.e. shape your dumplings). Take a soup-spoon’s worth of the mix and form it into a dumpling with your hands. A tad too tacky? Just add a little flour. Keep going ‘til you run out of mix.

We don’t want stodgy dumplings so place them on a baking tray in the oven for 20 minutes, finishing them off under a grill if they need extra crisping.

Dot the dumplings atop your stew and devour.

Mix it up

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