The S’mores toast the merrier

The S’mores toast the merrier

5 Minutes

serves 3


You'll need

1 egg
150ml of milk
½ tsp of cinnamon
6 slices of white bread
Chocolate spread
Marshmallow spread
1 heart-shaped cutter

How to make it

Add the egg, milk and cinnamon to a bowl, and beat it all together like Michael Jackson. Then pop the mixture to one side.

Take your heart cutter and punch 6 delicious shapes into your bread – we won’t be using the leftover bits, so you can either blitz them into breadcrumbs later or gobble them down when nobody’s looking.

Dunk each heart in your egg mixture.

Chuck the butter into a frying pan. When it starts bubbling add your hearts, cook until golden brown then flip.

When both sides are golden; remove from the pan and slather chocolate spread on one heart and marshmallow fluff on another – then stick together like a sandwich. You should be able to make three separate S’mores hearts – or one gigantic S’mores tower if you’re super hungry!

Mix it up

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