The Ultimate Chilli Burger

The Ultimate Chilli Burger

25 Minutes

serves 1

You'll need

1 Fiery Corn and Chilli Roll
1 Beef Patty (150g)
1 Tomato, sliced
1 tbsp Chilli Mayo
1 tsp Chilli Jam
1 slice of Cheddar (or the cheese of your choice)

How to make it

Fry your beef patty in some oil on a medium heat – roughly 4 minutes on either side.

Slice your Fiery Corn and Chilli Roll in half, and toast both sides.

Spread the chilli jam on one side of the roll, and chilli mayo on the other.

Then pop the patty inside the roll, and top with a few lettuce leaves, a slice of cheese and some thinly sliced tomatoes.

Top with the other half of the roll, give it a good squeeze and enjoy.

Mix it up

Prefer a veggie burger? Fill your toasted roll with a one big Portobello mushroom, seasoned and fried in balsamic vinegar and oregano – then top with a nice slice of melty cheese.

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