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We’re rising up against plastic

We’re the first bread brand to step up and cut the plastic in our bags by 53% (and we’re working on the rest). Our revolutionary new bag is made from sustainably sourced paper with a very thin poly prop coating to keep the loaf fabulously fresh. Plus, it can be recycled from home. We’re doing our bit to rise up against plastic. You can do yours by grabbing one of our lovely loaves.



To discover new things, you have to try new things.

As a family business, we’ve been challenging traditions and shaking up baking since 1887. Whether it’s adding a dash of plum vodka to an unsuspecting teacake or jazzing up a roll with some racy selection of aromatic spices, we always like to take a fresh approach.

But don’t leave it all to us! Every slice of every loaf we bake is a blank canvas, ready for a bit of inquisitive creativity. So, go on… Try something new and tell us how it was for you!

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Win a tour of The Exploratory!

Send us your wacky topping suggestions and inventive baking successes, for the chance to appear in our Hall of Innovation. You might even win a trip to The Exploratory, to learn all the tricks of the trade from our innobakers!

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Recipe Inspiration

Everyone loves an inventive recipe or creative sandwich-topper. So have a look through our favourites and get inspired – or if you're feeling creative, we'd love you to send us your own ideas.

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What should we bake next?

Got an idea for something new and delicious? Then let us know... however wacky it might be!
And if we like the sound of it, we’ll try baking it in our Exploratory.

Tell us your dream bake!