After 130 years, it's fair to say we've seen a lot, but we always come home to the things that matter; friends, family and our community

Our company has always been proudly known as Frank Roberts & Sons Ltd. But behind the bakery doors we're divided into Roberts Bakery, where we make delicious bread, and The Little Treats Bakery for delicious biscuits and treats.

The Roberts family knows a thing or two about baking. Ever since Robert Roberts baked his fathers first loaf 130 years ago, four generations of baking skills and passion have followed.

At the Little Treats Bakery, we believe everybody deserves a little treat from time to time. So we make, bake and decorate delightfully delicious biscuits and iced treats for everyone to enjoy.

Our Story



Our New look


Doing something drastic about plastic

We launch the first major bread bag with 53% less plastic.



We’re Bread Winners

Our Heroic Wholemeal stays true to its name, taking top spot for Bakery in the Grocer New Product Award.

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A Sweet Award

Our cocktail teacakes are named Top Bread Category Launch in the Grocer Magazines Top Product Survey!



Embracing the new

We have a bit of a makeover, so our brand looks as remarkable as it tastes.

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Test kitchen opens

125 years in, and we’re still evolving, opening a third bakery in Northwich. We also open our state-of-the-art test kitchen, The Exploratory to make more scrummy discoveries.


Cool New Features

We build our iconic, transparent cooling towers, so everyone can follow our loaves’ journey from oven to bag.


100th Anniversary

100 years old and still fresh. Our bread’s now reaching as far afield as Greece. These days, you’ll find Roberts fans everywhere from America to Japan. Great bread knows no boundaries!


New generations, new stores

We add a fourth generation, with Mike and Julia Roberts (not that one), then Lindsay Roberts. They’re full of fresh ideas! And Roberts starts supplying Sainsbury’s.


Loads of Loaves

We reach 90,000 loaves a week, with 200 bread-lovers and 50 vehicles. Roberts is a household name across Cheshire.


Moving on up

We move to our current home in Northwich. With 12 brilliant bakers producing over 600 loaves an hour, we’re growing fast. Frank’s sons, led by Alan, take over to lead the charge.

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Keeping calm and carrying on

We plough on through the war years – they’re tough, with many of our people called up. Afterwards, we regather, as a new generation joins the team – Frank’s sons Alan, Bernard and David.


All About the Bread

Frank takes charge, and decides to go all in on bread. To make more room for innovation, we expand, going from two to eight bakers.

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New contraptions

Proving that the best thing is sliced bread, we pioneer the use of new-fangled bread-slicers, and speedy wrapping machines. Freeing up our bakers to focus fully on baking.


We are Family

More Roberts family members join the fun. Robert’s son Frank; his wife, Mary; and their kids, Frank, Annie, Alice, Ada and Nellie. Three generations and counting.


Small Shop, Big Ideas

Robert opens his first shop in Northwich, selling and delivering yummy groceries (like bread). The locals lap it up.

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Starting Young

Our founder Robert Roberts (yes, that was his name, and yes, it is awesome) begins a bread baking and grocery apprenticeship in Salford, at the ripe old age of 11. He’s inspired by the possibilities.