The Exploratory

The Exploratory

Everything we bake starts out at The Exploratory – our concept kitchen up here in Northwich.
It’s a bit like Wonka’s chocolate factory, but with less cocoa and no squirrels.
It’s a place where creativity is currency, where mistakes are embraced and where the word ‘impossible’ is nothing but the second half of a film title.

Hall of Innovation

Cooked something impressive? Baked up a rather wacky creation? Did something that originally showed so much promise collapse like a flan in a fast-moving van? Tell us about it, for your chance to feature in our Hall of Innovation!

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“Portobellos, Parmesan, Parsley, Eggs + Courgette”
Zoe Waring
“Toast a la mode”
Sue Churcher
“Devil’s Avocado”
Ian Somerley
“Smoked Paprika + Avocado Toast Topper”
Sophie Browning

Latest news from The Exploratory

The Exploratory

With the next generation leading the charge, we’ve been busy refreshing our look and logo, experimenting with exciting new flavour combos and jazzing up our range – to bring bakery into the 21st century and make things much more interesting for our customers.

And we’d love you to join us!

Sample our experimental bakes!

Fancy tasting some of our rather innovative bakes, as they come out of The Exploratory oven... and letting us know what you think? If so, pop your name below – and we'll be in touch as and when.

Recipe Inspiration

Everyone loves an inventive recipe or creative sandwich-topper. So have a look through our favourites and get inspired – or if you're feeling creative, we'd love you to send us your own ideas.

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What should we bake next?

Got an idea for something new and delicious? Then let us know... however wacky it might be!
And if we like the sound of it, we’ll try baking it in our Exploratory.

Tell us your dream bake!